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Dynamic Pricing Solutions: Interchange Plus and Wholesale Plus

At 5 Spice, we present our clients with two exceptional pricing options: Interchange Plus and Wholesale Plus. These pricing structures grant our clients entry to the most competitive rates within the industry. Think of the industry giants – major grocery chains, expansive electronics emporiums, and enterprise-level home improvement centers – they process billions annually using the Interchange Plus model. We’ve harnessed this very model and extended it to businesses of all sizes, offering rates that hover just marginally over wholesale interchange rates. Our commitment to providing low rates reflects our dedication to fostering enduring partnerships that mutually enrich both your business and ours.

Cutting-Edge Transaction Technology

In the realm of transaction processing, the tools you employ are as pivotal, if not more so, than the rates you secure. At 5 Spice, we offer a spectrum of innovative card processing solutions:

Mobile Convenience

Seamlessly integrate card readers into your smartphone or tablet, making transactions effortless on the go.

Standalone Terminals

Opt for stand-alone terminals featuring pin pads, ensuring smooth and secure transactions.

Mobile Point of Sale

Empower your business with mobile point of sale systems, utilizing tablets and smartphones for ultimate flexibility.

Traditional Countertop Systems

Our offerings extend to traditional countertop point of sale setups, tailored to retail stores, salons, and restaurants.

Versatile Payment Acceptance

Our platform is attuned to the evolving landscape of payment methods, including:

Contactless Payments

Effortlessly accept swift and secure contactless payments.

Mobile Wallets

Seamlessly integrate mobile phone payment options into your system.

Mobile Loyalty Programs

Enhance customer engagement through integrated mobile loyalty programs.

EMV Chip Cards

Safeguard transactions with EMV chip card compatibility.

Debit Cards & PINs

Enable secure debit card transactions using personal identification numbers.

EBT and Fleet Cards

Embrace a diverse customer base by accepting EBT and fleet cards.

Your Tech Partner

With agility and experience as our foundation, we navigate the tech terrain to provide your business access to an array of solutions present in today’s market. At 5 Spice, we’re not just your payment processor; we’re your technology ally, propelling your business towards innovation and success.

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